Scalp Booster

Why should I use the Scalp Booster?

This 2-part Booster System will benefit those using most forms of scalp cooling. The system is designed to boost the effects of scalp cooling in relation to hair loss and ensure future hair grows back healthy and strong. The products prevent hair pulling discomfort, scalp irritation, tightening, and as well as hair matting and breakage. All common and potential side effects of scalp cooling.

Do I need to use both parts 1 and 2 each treatment?

Yes! You must have both parts with you at each treatment. Both parts are applied at the infusion facility about 30 minutes prior to treatment start. An instruction card comes with the Booster System. Please read and follow our provided directions.

Part 1 provides a healthy dose of Vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant.  It protects the scalp. Fast penetration and bioavailability are enhanced by the addition of Part 2 which acts as an antifreeze and helps protect your hair from the cold.  These products are synergistic and must be used together for best results.

I have already had a treatment; will I benefit from starting it now?

Yes! Starting at any time will be extremely beneficial.

Can I apply this 2 Part process myself at home before I go to the infusion center?

No, you should not apply your booster before you get to the infusion center. This may cause the product to remain on your hair longer than needed or may dry out.

Can I mix Part 1 in my spray bottle in advance before I go to infusion?

No, this is not recommended, and you should never mix the Part 1 before you arrive at infusion.  Pre-mixing may cause the product to be unusable. Part 1 should be applied approx. 30 min prior to the cap going on your head or as close as possible. Follow our instructions on the card included with your Scalp Booster.

I can’t find my instruction card! How do I use the Scalp Booster?

First, thoroughly comb or brush your hair to remove any loose hair and tangles.  Begin with the bottle labeled Part 1.  It is a powder.  Use your spray bottle provided by your scalp cooling company. Add 2 capfuls of the powder to your spray bottle and add 3-4 oz of water (warm or cool). Do not add more water than recommended- 3-4 ounces is about an inch! Shake gently to mix.  Focus on spraying the roots first.  Do this by sectioning off your hair and spraying the roots and scalp.  Continue until the scalp is saturated all over and your bottle is empty. IMMEDIATELY apply Part 2.  Apply this the same way you apply conditioner, but this is NOT conditioner! Pour about 2-3 Tablespoons in your palm and work through the hair focusing on the hair that will be under the cap.  Repeat with a small amount if you need more.  The hair that is not under the cap does not need the booster!

Can I leave it on overnight?

NO! You must rinse the Scalp Booster out immediately when you get home.  Leaving the product on any longer may cause discoloration of the scalp and hair.  The scalp may become temporarily orange in color as this product contains antioxidants. This is a rare occurrence, and the scalp can be simply washed to remove.

My cap has discolored, what do I do?

Don’t worry!  The Scalp Booster contains Vit C and can oxidize what it comes in contact with.  As mentioned above you must rinse your hair as soon as you get home to avoid it possibly turning orange.  Simply wipe your cold cap clean with a damp towel immediately after use if this happens. 

Hair Growth Active

How does this product work?

This special formula helps protect the health of the hair throughout your chemo treatment and supports future growth.  Chemo drugs are designed to slow down fast-growing cells in your body of which hair cells are among the fastest. If a slowed down or resting hair follicle comes in contact with a chemo agent, it is more likely to release the hair. The product is designed to put and or keep the hair in a growth phase longer.  It helps encourages more follicles to develop within each follicular unit.  It also increases the rate at which the hair grows by encouraging resting hairs to enter the growth phase. It must be used regularly, which is twice daily for at least 4 weeks to be active and offer a number of hair growth benefits.  This is when you will begin to see results!

How often do I apply the product?

Hair Growth Active can be used on wet, dry, clean, or dirty hair.  Makes no difference. You must use the product two times a day, about 12 hours apart is optimal, and we recommend keeping by your bathroom sink near your toothbrush, so you don’t forget.  After about one month of proper use, you will begin to see results.

When should I order the refill?

We recommend you order the refill size at the same time you order the small 100 ml bottle that is your “working bottle”.  The 100 ml bottle has the sprayer for use.  You will pour the 250 ml refill into the smaller bottle for use. Buy them together – you will need them!  The larger 250 ml size will last approx. 3 additional months with proper use. You do not want to miss a day or run out!

Which formula should I order?

There are two types of Hair Growth Active, one is water based for non-styled hair and one is alcohol based for styled hair.  The water based has a blue label and is for Non-Styled hair. Use this one if you do not currently use any styling or leave in products, you do not use the Instant Hair Fibers, and you basically wash and go!

The alcohol based has a pink label and is for Styled hair. Use this one if you use any styling products such as leave in conditioners.  If you are using the Instant Hair Fibers, you need this formula!  You can change the formula if you change your hair care after you are finished cold capping and are continuing use.

Should I continue use after my cold capping and chemo ends when I may be on a post treatment hormone therapy?

Yes!  Hair thinning and loss may be a potential side effect with post treatment hormone therapy.  Keep using it as long as you are on that therapy.  Most people benefit from continued use.

Can Hair Growth Active help with the dreaded chemo curls and discoloration of regrowth?

Yes!  It is reported that hair growth is more similar to your normal hair and prevents terminal (normal) hairs from becoming vellus hairs.


Which shampoo is best to use if I am scalp cooling?

We recommend the Hydrating Shampoo in conjunction with scalp cooling.

Which conditioner is best to use if I am scalp cooling?

We carry 2 conditioners, and both are great, choice may depend on hair type, addressed below.

My hair is super curly and thick, which combination is best for me?

Hydrating Shampoo and the Special Combination Conditioner are the best combo for you.

My hair is baby fine and straight, which combination is best for me?

Volume and Detox Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine Hair.

My hair is quite oily, and I am prone to dandruff, which combination is best for me?

We recommend the Scalp Therapy Shampoo and pair it with the lighter Conditioner for Fine Hair.

I was told I could not use conditioner while doing scalp cooling and I am concerned about my hair becoming very dry, what can I do?

THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE!  Using conditioner on TREATMENT DAY may be against certain company scalp cooling protocols but any other day it is not just fine but is NECESSARY. Most people cannot run a comb or brush through their hair after shampooing without applying conditioner!


What can help me with my root grow out while I am scalp cooling and can’t color?

Using a powder root color is a great option.  We have partnered with COLORWOW and provide a great solution for grow out.


Shipping FAQ's

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