Scalp Cooling Booster System Combo

Scalp Cooling Booster System Combo

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This 2-part Booster System will benefit those using most forms of scalp cooling.  The  system is designed to boost the effects of scalp cooling in relation to hair loss and ensure future hair grows back healthy and strong. The products prevent hair pulling discomfort, scalp irritation, tightening and hair matting as well as breakage.  All common and potential side effects of scalp cooling. 

Part 1 provides a healthy dose of Vitamin C  a well known antioxidant.  Fast penetration and bio-availability is enhanced by the addition of Part 2 which acts as an antifreeze and helps protect your hair from the cold.  These products are synergistic and are designed to be used together for best results.

Both parts are applied at the infusion facility about 30 minutes prior to treatment start.  An instruction card comes with the Booster System, please read and follow the provided directions.

Part 1 is a powder you mix with water and is applied to the hair with a spray bottle.  (most scalp cooling companies provide a spray bottle) follow the thorough instructions on the included card.  DO NOT MIX THE DAY BEFORE!!!!

Part 2 is applied immediately following Part 1.  This is a simple process to integrate. Follow the thorough instructions on the included card.

Hair should be rinsed out thoroughly after treatment once at home. 

Have questions?  Call us   1.888.670.0403  We know scalp cooling!!

Additional products suggestions are Hair Growth Active and Lash and Brow Restore.

If you are using Penguin Cold Caps, please note that the Booster system is currently not compatible as Penguin protocol requires capping with dry hair, but we highly recommend Hair Growth Active for ongoing daily use during treatment.